Network Services

Network management

PurpleBox grew from a company that has spent over 10 years offering support and consultancy to build and maintain complex business networks.

This expertise is still at the core of our company and deeply ingrained into the company culture. We care about quality, and hope that by providing the best possible overall service, we keep our partners happy for years to come!

A stable and secure internet connection is a pre-requirement of VoIP, and we are here to help you achieve that. Unlike many VoIP companies looking for quick sells, we take great care to first understand your current IT environment and get you set up for VoIP in the best possible way.

We are not tied to any providers and only work with the best quality technology. We can therefore offer unsolicited and unbiased advice, and talk to you about ways of optimising your network for VoIP, or managing bandwidth to get the most effective and reliable connection. All this for no cost, just a friendly chat!